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  • either you ask one of the admins or moderators for a private channel in the teamspeak server itself
  • or you can go to our facebook page CSGO-Belgium and send us a privat message
  • Do not move/kick people just for the sake of messing with them.
  • Do not put priority speaker on yourself unless you have expressed consent.
  • No editing other player’s descriptions (unless they ask you to write a lovely autobiography).
  • If we see you abuse the powers it will be removed instandly.
  • No Recording or anything that violates the privacy rules(except for livestreams, but you must set [live] in your name & you have to ask permission to the people in your channel). (Recording is allowed when everyone agrees.)
  • No mute abuse.
  • Respect the admins and members!
  • Do not copy names. For example: Nickname1, Nickname2, etc.
  • Do not spam or bother others user with Poke and messages. (Channelhopping is also spam!)
  • Voice convertors are not allowed.
  • The channel admin has the responsibility for the channel/server.
  • If you have problems, contact the admin in charge.
  • This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones.
  • If an admin finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly.
  • No racism, racism will provide you an instant perm ban.
  • No verbal abuse.
  • All recist, right-wing and sexually questionable statements to refrain in any case and will not be tolerated in principle.
  • Attacks against the server with so-called “Flood-tools” are strictly prohibited and will, where appropriate, prosecuted by the provider.
  • Please use a name that others will be able to recognize you as from in-game. Do not use fake nickname.
  • Don’t send links to scream websites, porn websites, phishing websites or anything that can harm the user’s computer or are considered inappropriate as we want the users on the Teamspeak to feel safe while being on it.
  • Joining channels that you do not usually associate with for the purpose of trolling is also not permitted.
  • NO advertising of any kind on our TS3 server, This includes links to sites that earn you money, TS3 names that are a URL. Admins decide what is allowed and what is not. DONT asume anything check with an admin first.
  • Users can give themselves a custom avatar when their name is clicked, so please make sure your picture is appropriate and doesn’t contain racist or inappropriate images
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